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Nicole Corrine is a Placer County performer and teacher. Setting herself apart, Nicole Corrine pulls from her varied musical background: sharing her love of storytelling, emotive performance, and technical foundation with her audience and students alike.


Nicole Corrine comes from a musical family. Influenced by her mom's love of funk music and jazz and her dad's love of all rock, Nicole Corrine sought to mimic the likes of Pat Benatar, Chaka Khan, Ella Fitzgerald and Freddy Mercury. Essentially, great technical singers that broke the mold while connecting to audiences in a seemingly effortless manner!


These varied musical tastes led her to pursue both a classical AND jazz education in college. She wouldn't be kept in a box! In the spring of 2018, Nicole Corrine graduated with honors with a Masters degree in vocal performance and jazz arranging. During this time, she performed in different local music groups, led worship in local churches, wrote her first EP, and even organized a charity concert for Acres of Hope. To see her many eclectic performances, please check out her YouTube channel.


Nicole Corrine brings her musical background into her teaching as well. Teaching since 2011, she emphasizes the importance of playing the music you love with strong technical skills that bring confidence to performance and practice time. She teaches private music lessons and group music courses at local charter schools and Grace Classical Academy.

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